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STEFFENINI srl was founded in 1967 as a generic laboratory with the name of O.M.S. Officina Meccanica Steffenini under the guidance of Francesco, the founding father, who dedicated himself to growth and development company.

Francesco's son, Paolo, followed the same trace drawn by his father.

Paolo, thanks to his skills and dedication to work, embarks a new path at the beginning of 2000 with the name of STEFFENINI VALVES moving his activities towards other markets such as petrochemical, energy and mechanical markets. Paolo develops his skills in the production of industrial pumps, flanges and valve components by inserting design and production of his own valves.

At the end of 2018 Paolo's son, Cristian, is placed in the company and together they decide to focus on what has always been the core businnes of the company, the work account, dividing the activities into two departments: VALVE CONSTRUCTION and TOLL MANUFACTURING under the new company name STEFFENINI srl.

The continuous efforts, the search for qualified personnel, the alternation of the old structures with machines more and more advanced, the passion that involves all the staff, the natural vocation that drives them to lavish all their energy, the pride to see their company prosper, achieve credit and inspire trust in the customer is the company's mission.

Specialized above all in the manufacture of valve components, they are also skilled and equipped for special processes starting from ø 50 up to ø 2000

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